Hello World! I am Oskar Borek

Motivated and dedicated IT professional with a strong foundation as a Cloud Support Engineer, equipped with a relentless drive to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. A self-professed geek with a voracious appetite for all sections of IT, I consistently immerse myself in coding and deploying systems for users, colleagues, friends and myself.




OVHcloud//: Cloud_Support_Engineer
2023/02 -- Today
Technical support for the “Cloud” universe of products. This ranges from “Baremetal” (VPS, Dedicated servers, etc) to Public Cloud services (OpenStack, Kubernetes, AI and Machine Learning solutions, DBaaS, Data analytics, etc). Direct client support regarding issues within the infrastructure, like hardware problems in the physical server, incidents within the rack or datacenter, configuration issues, OVHcloud specific compatibilities, etc. Additionally, to special customers, we offered a consulting service where we helped adapt their goal to finer technologies. For example scaling from smaller re-selling solutions like Plesk to Kubernetes. I did also train our team on different technologies like containerization, Kubernetes, developer tools and linux kernel features.
OVHcloud//: Web_Support_Technician
2021/09 -- 2023/02
Technical support directly with clients, regarding the "Web Cloud" universe of products (Domain, hosting and email). Mainly resolving tickets with technical questions and problems within our infrastructure. We helped customers with their website errors and possible configurations or deployments; for example issues with Wordpress or its plugins and programming, evaluation of possible projects and resources needed, domain registries rules and DNS configurations, etc.
Indra//: Helpdesk
2021/03 -- 2021/06
Provided Windows technical support within the MicroSystems Department at Thyssenkrupp. Played a crucial role in preparing systems for usage within the company's Windows domain and implementing manual changes to the infrastructure, such as VPN updates for teleworkers. Resolved a wide range of software issues, including Office licensing, SAP configurations, digital certificates , Outlook configurations, and Citrix "driver passthrough" problems. Ensured smooth operation and productivity for office workers by delivering prompt and effective solutions.
Freelance//: IT_Contractor
2019/01 -- 2021/03
As an independent IT contractor, I provided reliable and efficient IT services to various local businesses and individuals. With a strong focus on system repairs, installations, and maintenance, I successfully addressed the diverse needs of my clients. I specialized in setting up networks and implementing ticketing systems, catering to a range of clients including small offices and restaurants. By delivering proactive problem-solving and managing multiple projects simultaneously, I ensured timely completion and exceeded client expectations. Maintaining strong client relationships was paramount, and I consistently upheld a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service.